Small Claim Schemes

About the LCA Small Claims Scheme

The LCA Small Claims Scheme, was developed to resolve disputes for claims involving amounts not exceeding N5, 000,000. It is applicable where both parties agree to settle their dispute in accordance with the scheme, either before or after the dispute has arisen.

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Benefits of Joining the LCA Small Claims Scheme Panel of Neutrals

  1. Fostering professional and personal bonds between practitioners from diverse cultural, academic, and geographic backgrounds.
  2. Providing access to professional development, opportunities and career growth.
  3. Introducing practitioners to the growing field of International alternative dispute resolution and global practice.
  4. Providing young practitioners with the chance to commence arbitration and mediation techniques in real situations at an early stage.

Vacancies currently exist for young practitioners and professionals with a keen interest in the field of ADR to join the LCA Small Claims Scheme Panel of Neutrals. The application requirements can be found here.