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As the Covid-19 pandemic dictates a new normal for businesses all over the world, we are dedicated to evolving with the times to meet the needs of our clients.

We are mindful of the fact that timeliness of the arbitral proceeding is an underlying principle of arbitration and of utmost importance to the business of disputants. We are also mindful of the fact that the wheels of justice must not be clogged by any form of delay.

We want to assure parties that the speedy dispensation of justice, which is the core of our work, is not changed by the current pandemic. The LCA continues to administer cases and act as an appointing authority during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

On Hearings, Article 30 (4) of the Lagos Court of Arbitration Rules provides as follows;

“the Arbitral Tribunal may direct that witnesses, including expert witnesses be examined through means of telecommunication (such as video conferencing) that do not require their physical presence at the hearing”

In the spirit of the provision above, the LCA and its Panel of Neutrals utilise telecommunication, email,  video and audio conferencing facilities to aid hearings and the dispute resolution process for the speedy dispensation of cases.

Filing of New Cases

The Party who initiates recourse to arbitration (the Claimant) during this period is expected to electronically file their Notice of Arbitration and supporting documents by forwarding clear scanned copies of same to the dispute resolution office of the LCA via email to or

Parties should note that the Notice of Arbitration and supporting documents must comply with the provisions of Article 3 of the Lagos Court of Arbitration Rules.

Enquiries/Request on Existing Cases

Parties wishing to make enquiries or seek clarification(s) on any step of the dispute resolution process should kindly send an email to or and such enquiries will be swiftly attended to.

Teleconferencing Facilities 

The LCA utilises video and audio teleconferencing facilities for seamless virtual proceedings in the interest of justice.

These tools are  available for the convenience of parties and the arbitral tribunal.

We Care…Stay Safe!