Lagos Court of Arbitration List of Neutrals

The list below contains the names of individuals who have obtained the requisite knowledge and experience for the efficient and effective resolution of commercial disputes using arbitration and mediation.

Parties are invited to appoint Neutrals from the list of below:

Domestic Arbitrators

  1. Mr. Adeyemi Candide-Johnson SAN FCIArb.
  2. Mr. Olasupo Shasore SAN FCIArb.
  3. Mrs. Olufunmi Roberts FCIArb.
  4. Prof. Fabian Ajogwu SAN FCIArb.
  5. Mr. Babatunde Fagbohunlu SAN FCIArb.
  6. Mrs. Funke Adekoya SAN FCIArb.
  7. Mrs. Doyin Rhodes Vivour FCIArb.
  8. Chief Anthony Idigbe SAN FCIArb
  9. Dr. Olisa Agbakoba SAN FCIArb.
  10. Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN FCIArb.
  11. Mr. Olumide Sofowora FCIArb.
  12. Chief Bayo Ojo SAN FCIArb.
  13. Prof. Paul Idornigie SAN FCIArb.
  14. Mr. Patrick Ikwueto SAN FCIArb.
  15. Prof. C.J Amasike FCIArb.
  16. Mrs. Miannaya Essien SAN FCIArb.
  17. Mrs. Obosa Akpata FCIArb.
  18. Mrs. Folashade Alli FCIArb.
  19. Mr. Adebowale Olufeko FCIArb.
  20. Mr.  Tunde Busari SAN FCIArb.
  21. Mrs. Olusola Adegbomire FCIArb.
  22.  Dr. Gbolahan Elias SAN FCIArb.
  23. Mr. Oluwaseyilayo Ojo FCIArb.
  24. Mrs. May Mbu MCIArb.
  25. Mrs. Bimpe Elebute Nkontchou MCIArb.
  26. Dr. Bayo Adralegbe FCIArb.
  27. Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim CON SAN FCIArb.
  28. Mr. Mena Ajakpovi FCIArb.
  29. Mr. Agada Elachi FCIArb.
  30. Mr. Uwa Etigwa SAN FCIArb.
  31. Mr. Mark Mordi FCIArb.
  32. Mr. Adejuwon Adenuga FCIArb.
  33. Mr. Mohammed Dele Belgore SAN FCIArb.
  34. Mrs. Priscilla Ogwemoh FCIArb.
  35. Mr. Pascal Madu FCIArb.
  36. Prof. Andrew Chukuemerie SAN FCIArb.
  37. Mr. Fidelis Oditah QC SAN FCIArb.
  38. Mrs. Toki Mabogunje
  39. Mr. Reginald Ihejiahi
  40. Mr. Adesegun Akin-Olugbade OON

Domestic Mediators

  1. Mr. Adeyemi Candide-Johnson SAN
  2. Mrs. Olufunmi Roberts
  3. Mrs. Doyin Rhodes Vivour
  4. Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN
  5. Mrs. Oyinkansola Badejo-Okusanya
  6. Prof. C.J Amasike
  7. Mrs. Obosa Akpata
  8. Mr.  Tunde Busari SAN
  9. Mrs. Olusola Adegbomire
  10. Mr. Oluwaseyilayo Ojo
  11. Mrs. Bimpe Elebute Nkontchou
  12. Mr. Mena Ajakpovi
  13. Mr. Agada Elachi
  14. Mr. Mohammed Dele Belgore SAN
  15. Mrs. Priscilla Ogwemoh
  16. Mrs. Chinwe Odigboegwu

International Neutrals

  1. Mr. Roger Bruce Jacobs
  2. Mr. Benoit Le Bars FCIArb
  3. Ms. Rukia Baruti
  4. Mr, Phillip Aliker
  5. Justice Edward Torgbor
  6. Mr. William Frain-Bell FCIArb
  7. Mr. Edward Luke FCIArb.
  8. Mr. Ike Ehiribe FCIArb.
  9. Mr. Gilbert Squires FCCA
  10. Mr. Joe Durkin
  11. Mr. Stephen Bate
  12. Mr. Steven Finizio
  13. Mr. Gary Born
  14. Mr. Thomas Snider
  15. Ms. Sarah Malik
  16. Ms. Elizabeth Oger-Gross
  17. Mr. Jonathan Havelock
  18. Ms. Ank Santens
  19. Mr. Damien Nyer
  20. Mr. Charles Nairac
  21. Professor George Bermann
  22. Mr. Robert Davidson
  23. Mr. Arshad Ghaffar

* Note that this list is updated periodically by the LCA Neutrals Committee.