A well-resourced and fully equipped international centre for arbitration and alternative dispute resolution in Lagos, Nigeria.

LCA provides top-notch arbitration and ADR related service. Our professionals are highly qualified possessing various academic qualifications ranging from bachelor to doctorate degrees in the area of dispute resolution and related services, from top universities and training institutions around the world. Each of them is assigned a unique case, guiding the parties through the entire process – from filing of the claim and selection of neutrals, to the final resolution of the dispute.
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LCA-WIPO Entertainment Industry Mediation Week

Mediation is gaining popularity in the growing sectors of entertainment, sport, and hospitality due to its unique quality which affords the parties the opportunity to go through a dispute resolution ...

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The LCA Advantage

The LCA administers ad-hoc and institutional arbitration for its clients, with its own arbitration rules which govern the process. We offer quick and efficient procedures for resolving both domestic and international disputes and our Panel of Neutrals consist of highly skilled, impartial and experienced arbitrators who can competently assist parties in resolving their disputes. Find out more

International Centre for Arbitration and ADR
Our Facility

The International Centre For Arbitration & ADR (ICAA) is the permanent headquarter of the LCA and the first purpose built ADR Centre in Africa.  It has over fifteen (15) meeting/hearing rooms for hire and it is spread over 1900 square metres of land. The ICAA offers an ideal environment for arbitration and mediation proceedings, meetings, seminars and conferences. Find out more

Megha Joshi, Executive Secretary
Raison d'être

The goal of the LCA is to institutionalise ADR in Nigeria and Africa. Nigeria is an emerging economy with Lagos as its hub for financial, commercial and industrial activities. It follows that a fair share of legal disputes arise in Lagos, creating a need to establish an effective and efficient dispute resolution centre that can inspire confidence in the investing public that contractual obligations can be efficiently enforced in Lagos. Find out more

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