About The Summit

The LCA Alternative Dispute Resolution Summit, which is the first of its kind, is scheduled for 16th – 20th of September, 2019.
The theme of the Summit is Alternative Dispute Resolution in Action: Balancing the Scales’.

The Summit will officially commence with an Opening Cocktail Ceremony on the eve of 16th September, 2019.

The Summit will embody series of ADR Masterclasses on various specialized areas of arbitration and ADR will be taught by seasoned ADR practitioners who are experts in those areas of specialization. The masterclasses will hold between the hours of 9am – 4pm with provision for tea break and lunch on each day.

The Summit will draw delegates from different parts of the world, including leading ADR Institutions and Practitioners and would be great opportunity to showcase your organization within a global space.

The Summit will be wrapped up with a Dinner/Closing Ceremony on the 20th of September, 2019. The theme of the Dinner/Closing Ceremony is ‘A Touch of your Culture’

Who should attend?

  • Practicing lawyers
  • Arbitrators, mediators
  • Corporate counsel
  • Academic
  • Professionals interested in and /or involved in international arbitration


  1. The Future of Arbitration in Technology – Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Smart Contracts
  2. Economic Crimes and Ethics in Arbitration
  3. Arbitration for Financial Technology Dispute Resolution
  4. A Holistic Approach to International Commercial Dispute Resolution: When are Non-Binding ADR Forms Appropriate?
  5. Enforcing Settlements Reached via Non-Binding Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes: Cues, Challenges and Best Practices
  6. Effective Dispute Settlement as a Catalyst for Infrastructural Development in the Construction and Energy Industry
  7. Indiscriminate Transfer of Economic Rights of Musicians Through Standard Form Contracts: Policy Considerations for ADR
  8. The Brick Wall of Tax Disputes in International Commercial Arbitration
  9. Arbitration as a Catalyst for Effective Risk Mitigation in Cross-Border Commercial Transactions
  10. Investment Arbitration: The Concept of Parallel Arbitration Under A Bilateral Investment Treaty
  11. Thorny Issues Arising in the Sport Industry: Need for ADR Mechanisms
  12. The Mediation Advocate: Positioned To Best Serve The Client’s Interest