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ADR Related Services

In its bid to ensure successful arbitration and ADR dispensation, the LCA provides the following ADR related services: Fundholding, Neutral Management and Tribunal Secretary Services, among others.


As a fund holder, the LCA receives, preserves and disburses funds which are held as security either for the cost of the dispute resolution proceedings, or for the fees and expenses of the adjudicators. The funds are held in trust by the LCA and will only be disbursed based on the instructions given by the tribunal or the parties themselves.

At the conclusion of the ADR proceedings, the LCA will provide the tribunal and the parties with a detailed summary of receipts and disbursements incurred during the course of the proceedings.

All terms and conditions of the LCA fundholding services are expressly stated in the agreement appointing the LCA as a fund holder.

Neutral Management

The LCA maintains a database of neutrals which comprises of highly experienced, qualified and prominent arbitrators, mediators and ADR professionals from around the world. This includes lawyers, accountants, quantity surveyors, engineers, and doctors – all specialists in their respective fields.

We welcome applications to our panel of neutrals. Applicants can access the LCA Qualification Criteria for eligibility on this link. Based on the LCA Selection Proceedings, the approval of neutrals remains the sole responsibility of the LCA’s Neutral Selection Committee.

Tribunal Secretary Service

The LCA Guidelines on the use of a Secretary to the Arbitral Tribunal took effect on the 29th January 2016. These Guidelines can be adopted by parties to arbitrations administered by LCA, other arbitration institutions, or ad-hoc processes. They contain guidance on the appointment, challenges, duties and remuneration of tribunal secretaries.

To view the LCA Guidelines on the use of a Secretary to the Arbitral Tribunal, click here.

Members of the LCA Secretariat Service may be appointed as tribunal secretaries in arbitrations administered by the LCA, and ad hoc arbitrations. If an arbitral tribunal wishes to appoint an LCA Secretariat member as a secretary, such a request must be addressed to the LCA in writing. The LCA will then designate a suitable Secretariat member to assist the tribunal within 24hours of receiving the request.  The request should to the best extent, contain the following information:

  1. The identity and contact details of every party to the arbitration proceeding – arbitrators included.
  2. A copy of the arbitration agreement(s).
  3. A summary of the case (including the current stage of the arbitration) and an indication of the amount in dispute.
  4. The applicable method of determining the fees and expenses of the arbitral tribunal.
  5. The Appointment terms of a tribunal secretary as agreed on, by the parties.

Administrative Services

Support services rendered by the LCA include, but are not limited to:

  1. Providing users with information on dispute resolution options.
  2. Facilitating voluntary dispute settlement processes.
  3. Assisting with the arrangement for meetings and hearings, i.e.;
    1. Support of arbitral tribunal in establishing the date, time and place of hearings.
    2. Transcription of hearings.
    3. Secretarial or clerical assistance.
    4. Interpretation services.
  4. Providing assistance with obtaining certified copies of awards when required.
  5. Assisting with the storage and protection of arbitral awards and files relating to the arbitral proceedings.

Small Claims Scheme

The LCA Small Claims Scheme, was developed to resolve disputes for claims involving amounts not exceeding N5, 000,000. It is applicable where both parties agree to settle their dispute in accordance with the scheme, either before or after the dispute has arisen.

Click on link for outline

Benefits of Joining the LCA Small Claims Scheme Panel of Neutrals

  1. Fostering professional and personal bonds between practitioners from diverse cultural, academic, and geographic backgrounds.
  2. Providing access to professional development, opportunities and career growth.
  3. Introducing practitioners to the growing field of International alternative dispute resolution and global practice.
  4. Providing young practitioners with the chance to commence arbitration and mediation techniques in real situations at an early stage.

Vacancies currently exist for young practitioners and professionals with a keen interest in the field of ADR to join the LCA Small Claims Scheme Panel of Neutrals. The application requirements can be found here.