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About the LCA

The Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA) is an independent, private-sector driven, International Centre for the resolution of Commercial disputes via Arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Ideally located within the International Centre for Arbitration and ADR (ICAA), Lagos, Nigeria, the LCA’s use of internationally recognised neutrals, modern facilities and the adoption of innovative technology, make the LCA an efficient and best-in-class arbitration institution.

The LCA was established under the Lagos Court of Arbitration Law, No. 17, 2009 to provide institutionalised arbitration and ADR services. To achieve its mandate, the LCA was empowered to appoint an arbitral tribunal in respect of any disputes referred to it and maintain a panel of neutrals which consist of arbitrators, mediators and other experts with the requisite skills and experience to meet set functions. The expertise of the LCA spans multiple industries, including Oil and Gas, Finance, Maritime, Construction, Engineering, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Tourism, Insurance and so on.

The LCA was officially launched on the 9th of November 2012, at the Kuramo Conference—a biennial International Summit which brings together multi-disciplinary experts from the public sector, academia and private enterprise. Since inception, the LCA has rapidly evolved into an ADR institution of status. Its ADR advocacy engagements and workshops have spread progressively across various economic segments namely, the Nigerian judiciary, the legal and business community.

The LCA Arbitration Rules and Mediation Guidelines, incorporate International best practices and standards with industry-specific requirements and needs. Industry specialists at the LCA ensure the specifics of each sector are taken into account when making decisions.

What We Do

  • Provide parties with a flexible, natural and neutral seat for the resolution of disputes;
  • Offer parties confidentiality and the freedom to choose how and where to resolve disputes;
  • Administer ADR processes in a manner that ensures Integrity and enforceability;
  • Promote commercial awareness of arbitration and ADR mechanisms through advocacy, training workshops and conferences.

Our Vision and Mission Statements


Vision Statement

To be the preferred natural and neutral arbitral /ADR institution in Africa.

Mission Statement

To deliver internationally acceptable disputes resolution services.

Our Core Values

Integrity – Committed to holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Independent – Determined to maintain our special status as an independent centre for arbitration and ADR – we are wholly operated by the private sector.

World Class – Driven by international standards in our processes and offerings – we pride ourselves in the experience and expertise of our resources.

Value for Money – Conscious of the conventional dispute resolution cost – we provide users with timely decisions while creating true cost efficiency.

International Centre for Arbitration and ADR (ICAA)

The International Centre For Arbitration & ADR (ICAA) is the permanent headquarter of the LCA. It is the first purpose built ADR Centre in Africa. It has over fifteen (15) meeting/hearing rooms for hire and it is spread over 1900 square metres of land.

The ICAA is a hub for arbitration and other forms of ADR mechanisms as it accommodates other ADR institutions such as the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) Nigeria Branch, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Nigeria, LACIAC and the Maritime Arbitration Association of Nigeria.